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International Drama Group for English Speaking Associates


I.D.E.A. was formed in 1992 as a means of allowing English-speaking expats in the area of Dordrecht to participate in the production and performance of amateur dramatics. Over the years people from all over the world (including Holland) have joined our group. People whose first language is not English are assigned a ‘buddy’ and learn English in a fun way! We have evolved into a diverse group where everyone is welcome.

The major form of production was and still is the annual pantomime - a form which was unknown outside of the UK but is gradually growing in popularity around the globe.Since 1992 we have produced original pantos written by our own members almost every year, much to the enjoyment of the English-speaking resident population and to the delight of many Dutch people, who join in wholeheartedly. There are even bilingual schools that come every year to watch our show!

Is panto all that we do, you ask? Of course not! In recent years we have also been performing our annual summer show which includes mini-musicals and lots of songs. We also host a variety of events throughout the year such as short plays and open mike nights. This way members have the opportunity to be a part of a variety of shows and roles they might wish to participate in, whether it’s a comedic pantomime, a serious play or a spectacular song and dance. With IDEA you can do it all!

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