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The Summer show

IDEA’s second largest production is the annual ‘Summer Show’. Usually performed in June/July.

What is a Summer Show?
The annual ‘Summer Show’ is an IDEA-original. Over the years we found out our members not only loved panto but also were big fans of musicals so what would be more amazing than adding a show filled with just that?The show is a mix of different (movie) musicals adapted into a mini-musical and then combined into one exceptional show.For example, in 2019 our Summer Show had 5 mini musicals! Wicked, Les Miserables, Mamma Mia, Burlesqueand The Greatest showman! The Summer Show can also be a mix of (movie) musical songs made into one fabulous show.For example, a ‘Musical Mash-Up’ or ‘Disney Spectacular’.

So as you can see: The IDEA Summer Show has no limits!