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IDEA events

Besides our annual Pantomime and Summer Show, IDEA organizes yearly events for the members, their family/friends and you!

Open Mike Nights:
The IDEA ‘Open Mike Nights’ are filled with all kinds of entertainment. Every member is welcome to perform whatever they want as long as it has something to do with musical-theatre, other types ofdrama and/or performance. Members sing songs, perform dances and one act plays are performed.The Open Mike Nights give members the opportunity to grow, push their limits and find out what they love to do. Whether that’s singing, directing, acting, building props or writing scripts. They cando it all! And for a small price, you can perform too! Contact IDEA if you’re interested inperforming during one of our Open Mike Nights!

Our yearly Open Mike Nights are:
- The Halloween Open Mike Night (end of October/beginning of November)
- The Christmas Revue (middle of December)
- April Open Mike and Plays Night

Pub Quiz:
So you think you know it all? Prove it at IDEA’s annual Pub Quiz! Every year we host a fabulouspub quiz with lots of fun categories for all ages + there will be yummy food/drinks from England.
Some category examples: Musicals, Disney, Music, Food/Drink, Harry Potter, Panto etc.

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