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IDEA wants You !!

Want to be a star on stage? Want to see some amazing shows? Like to help backstage?

                        JOIN I.D.E.A. as a member, volunteer or friend!

We, the members of IDEA, are passionate about acting, dancing, singing, script writing,
directing,building props and more! We love pushing our boundaries in a semi-professional,
English-speaking way! How we do this? With spectacular performances like our annual Pantomime,
our annual Summer Show, plays and fabulous open mike nights! Does that sound amazing to you?

Are your theatre fingers itching to get out there on stage? Or you can’t wait to see our show?

Contact us and follow our socials via:
@: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
FB: www.facebook.com/IDEA.dramagroup
Instagram: www.instagram.com/IDEA.dramagroup
YouTube: www.youtube.com/IDEAdrama


More information about joining us: See Join US