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School Information


To stimulate interest and to enable more Dutch children to actually participate during the performance, we produce a ‘School Pack’ which will help teachers to prepare their classes should they decide to come to the Panto. Although not essential, this background information will certainly enhance the children’s understanding and enjoyment of the Panto.

Why go to a 'Panto' with your students?
- Learning about English/Drama/Art/Theatre in a fun way
- It’s an interactive show ( shouting, booing, clapping, singing, laughing and more)
- Lots of famous songs to sing along with
- Prepare students for something fun with the whole group
- Learn about a typical English theatre tradition!
- Make a project of it (Werkstuk)

In this ‘School Pack’ you will find:

  • Contact information for booking & reservations
  • Pricing & conditions
  • A brief outline of the story and a description of the main characters.
  • A piece of the script
  • The history and explanation of British panto.

Download all below pdf's for the information!!

Schoolpack 2023
Schoolpack  - Introduction - Trouble in Pantoland - What's In The Box!   Downloads will follow soon
Schoolpack  - a Piece of the Script                                                           Downloads will follow soon
Schoolpack  - Explanation of a British Panto                                            Downloads will follow soon