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  • IDEA's Agenda
    21th March
    PUB Quiz Night
    Curry Night
    Loc: Scouting Ridderkerk

    19th-20th June


    Loc: Vrije School Dordrecht

    26th-30th January

    Panto 2021

    Loc: Theather Cascade



Sinbad the Sailor Panto 2019

‘Sinbad the panto’ - Join him on his dangerous quest!

‘Sinbad’ is an amazing show for all ages, full of song, dance, fun and laughter. A
classic story about good versus evil, set on unknown islands with even more mysterious creatures.

When Sinbad comes home after a long journey of exploring foreign parts of the world he meets
princess Yasmin. The two fall in love right away but they can’t get married. She is the daughter of
the Sultan and he is but a common sailor... Only moments later, the evil magician ‘Xander Dread’
tricks everyone and kidnaps the princess! They fly away on a magic carpet, never to be seen in
Baghdad again! 

Sinbad persuades the Sultan that he’s the right man for this quest. And so he sets out to bring the
princess back home, accompanied by his Captain and crew. What he doesn’t know is that they’ll
meet pirates, sea witches and monsters on the way!! Will they survive this dangerous quest?
Find out for yourself if Sinbad succeeds in saving his beloved Yasmin, by joining us in an amazing
show! And be warned: everybody is encouraged to boo-and-hiss at ‘the baddies’ and warn ‘the
goodies’ of approaching danger (shout: “It’s behind you!”). Various characters on stage will seek
the audience’s help, asking questions or claiming inability to sing or shout loud enough on their
own. The wholehearted and loud response of the audience is vital - the louder the better!

SINBAD the Sailor Panto 2019

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  • International Drama Group for English Speaking Associates

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    I.D.E.A. was formed initially in 1992 as a means to allow English speaking people in the area of Dordrecht to participate in the production and performance of amateur theatricals. The major form of production was and still is the annual Christmas panto - a form which is unknown outside the UK. Over the years we have produced pantos (written by our own members) virtually every year, much to the enjoyment of the English resident population and to the delight of many Dutch people, who join in wholeheartedly.